Stephen Birch, PhD

BA in philosophy from the University of Hull, UK, (1978). Diploma in acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture, Watertown, USA (1982). Ph.D. (methodological requirements to control for placebo in acupuncture trials) from the University of Exeter, Exeter, UK (1997).
Clinical studies in Japan with Yoshio Manaka (summers 1986 & 1988). Clinical studies in Japan and Europe with Meridian Therapy/Toyohari teachers (Kodo Fukushima, Toshio Yanagishita, Akihiro Takai, etc.) 1990 and annually since 1997.
Author: ‘Shonishin, Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture’ (Thieme 2011), co-author: ‘Five Elements and Ten Stems’ (Paradigm Pubs 1983); ‘Extraordinary Vessels’ (Paradigm Pubs 1986); ‘Hara Diagnosis’ (Paradigm Pubs 1988); ‘Chasing the Dragon’s Tail’ (Paradigm Pubs 1995); ‘Japanese Acupuncture’ (Paradigm Pubs 1998); ‘Understanding Acupuncture’ (Churchill Livingstone 1999); 'Shonishin - Japanese pediatric acupuncture' (Thieme Medical publishers 2016 -2nd ed.); ‘Restoring Order in Health and Chinese Medicine’ (La Liebre de Marzo-Jade Stone Group 2014).
Author of dozens scientific and clinical papers on acupuncture. Collaborated with researchers at Harvard University (1993-1995), and Yale University (1995-1997). Consulted to studies in the UK, Germany, Australia and Korea (1998-present). Founding president, Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR), USA.
Current research activities: pattern identification research; acupuncture trial methodology (especially sham and placebo control); reviewing the clinical and physiological evidence for acupuncture; clinical practice guidelines and acupuncture; modelling health, healing, patient and practitioner; bringing the classics into modern practice and research.
Teaching: New England School Acupuncture (1985-1995), workshops in the US (1992-1997) & extensive teaching in programs and workshops around Europe and in Australia, New Zealand and Brasil (1998-present).
Clinical practice in Boston (1982-1995), Connecticut (1995-1997) and Holland (1997-present), practicing at the Japanese Acupuncture Center, Amsterdam.