Matthew Bauer, LAc

Matthew has been in full-time acupuncture/Chinese medicine practice since 1986 when he also began working with several acupuncture organizations in the U.S. In 2014 Matthew founded the “Acupuncture Now Foundation” (ANF), a U.S. based international non-profit dedicated to offering reliable information about the practice of acupuncture. By drawing on the combined knowledge of acupuncturists the world over, the ANF hopes to help guide the development of the practice of acupuncture from an ancient art to an evidenced-based modern healthcare resource. Starting in 1998, Matthew began serving as a consultant in the managed care medical industry where he took part in an intensive think-tank with a dozen experienced acupuncturists from the U.S., Mainland China, Taiwan, and Korea. That experience convinced Matthew of the need to find ways to gather acupuncturists together to share their knowledge to further our understanding of this ancient healing system. Matthew also helped to create and refine the first acupuncture-based guidelines for credentialing and utilization management within a managed care system. He now serves on the Board of Directors of American Specialty Health Group, Inc., the largest insurance company specializing in the management of insurance plans for non-drug therapies. Matthew has authored dozens of articles and two books and has particular interest addressing the practical issues involved with bringing acupuncture into mainstream medicine.