Alberto Garoli, MD

Scientific Director and Chief Researcher,AnthroposNet International Network Medicine Group. Teaching: Physiology in Biomechanics at the Department of Morphology, Experimental Medicine and Surgery at University of Ferrara
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Studies at B.A.M.S. course (Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (Ay) (Bangalore India) & Sri Lanka (Colombo) and to obtain Certificate of practice in acupuncture at “Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SDUTCM) 山东中医药大学. Jinan CHINA. Works as Visiting Professor at SDUTCM. Specializes in Electroacupuncture at “Institut für Elektroakupunktur” at Munich-Germany and clinical cases and data collection for the analysis of the relationship between body composition and reactivity to specific mechanical stimuli in acupuncture and electro-acupuncture. Current research activities: the effect of mechanical stimulus of connective tissues (Osteopathische Medizin: Vibration und Gewebewiederherstellung), “Remodeling of the Connective Tissue”. Neonatal visceral manipulation for the prevention of IVH at Hospital Ponte (Varese). Biophysics and Electrodynamics, research project "Effects of the total body magnetic field on Low Frequency-Low Intensity, on the EEG trace in subjects of different body typology and composition”.